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Italian girl looking for a typical Dutch guy 🙂
Hallo Guys!

I want to know what I can get out of this! I “tried” almost all the "traditional" ways to meet a decent guy to love forever, get married and have children but.. apparently they didn't work because I'm still single, never married and without a "stable" life..
It might sound odd but I want to try this way as well.. why not?

I know what you might think now.. that I'm single because I'm ugly, stupid or too strict with people. I don't think one of these reasons is really applicable to me..

I consider myself good looking, despite I'm not a model or anything.. I'm rather tall (5 feet 7 inches), very long blonde hair, nice eyes and a nice smile. I have a good education and a decent job. BTW: I'm Italian from the North.. so I guess I'm quite elegant and a decent cook:-) I'm Christian and looking for the same

I'm looking for a typical Dutch guy! When I say "typical" I actually mean "typical"… I should probably add fair in complexion and quite tall (isn't this the picture of a typical Dutch guy?!!) LOL Please: no games or fake people…!!!I'm 100% real and honest so I want the same!!!

and …please…men around my age (28/41)!!!

is there anyone out of here?????????????????

Hi, uhm.. you Italian goodlooking non-model! 😉
My name is eamel. I find found zis this ad uhm.. somewhere on the net and I you made me very curious naar you. Yes. The thing is that I want the same as you. Do.
Well, not really the same because we both woold look for a guy and that's not true. I'm looking for a typical girl ici. Yes. So that we do not misunderstand eachotter.
Like I sais;  my name is eamel. That is Dutch, well; Frisian, for nagging. Yes. My name is nag. Hahaha. Not that i am nagging or what. But it just means that. I really do not know why my parents did name me this way. My mother does nag sometimes. Well a lot. She nags 'r ass off. To be honest; i really get tired of that woman. Fortuan.. fortuanattuly my father does not nag. Well, not a lot. Just when he's awake.
I am hung like a horse. Really. It's almost a medical problem. I often do trumble over my own dick. Yes. To be honest; when I get a erection, i vaint faint. Yes. But the doctors says it's a burden I have to life live with. Fortunattuly is got yoused to it and tie a knot in it, just around my belly. Nothing to worry about the doctor says. It's just a bit of a problem when I want to take a leak piss go to the bathroom. Untying knots is not my thing.
I too did try the tradional way to get a girlfriend. Placing ad's, searching the internet at startvagina.nl and even bought one; she is inflatable and goes by the name of Inflatable Betty. Unfortuanattuly she keeps ripping apart when I insertt myself into her. Or, in the best case, I can't get her off my german helmet. But that does not happen all the time. Only then when I really couldn't get it off and had some explaining to do at the hospital. But I'm okay. And Betty? Well she joined the others in the shoebox underneith my bed.
Well, I must be boaring you. Nice to hear you want a stable life. I want that too. However I can not imagine why you want to live in a stable. I've got a really nice place, like a real house. No horses here (despite the fact I'm hung like one. LOLLLLL). Hope that is not a problem to you.
I do not think that you are ugly. Or stupid. No, really, I don't. Like you I'm really pretty. I have blont hair, blue eyes, heavy glasses and just m issing one teeth. But I think that real beauty comes from the insite. Yes. I am not as tall as you are. Hope that is not a problem to you. But i have a couch so I can stand on that when you want a kiss. Yes, I know; i have goit a solution to every problem. Hehehe.
I think it's nice you cook. I think that it is really necessery that a woman does no how to cook. Because that's her place; in the kitchen. Don't u agree?  So.
So. I am afraid I have to go now; mama is yelling at me. She want's me to rub her foot (yes. foot. She only has one. The other one she lost thanks to somewhat disease. But the doctor said it is not contages). But the other foot is sometimes a bit smelly. So I have rub the littlebitty bugs off.
I hope you think I'm nice. And well hung. And that you write soon. Because I specially like Italian pretty girls.
Ciao! from eamel (oh. I'm a cristian. too. I believe in the bible. I just miss the pictures).
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